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This is the latest online edition of business oriented technology and product reviews and a property of Costa Rica based technologies solutions provider which provides consultants for business and enterprises. Navtej Kohli Inc. services had already reached out to a number of famous brands and companies that are global leader in their products and Navtej Kohli Inc. works as their technology consultants.

With this blog, we give a platform to understand and analyse the latest trends of the information technology and software development. Mainly, we focus on those technologies which are important for business prospective, like E-commerce System and payment gateway. But technologies are changing on daily basis, e.g. people switched from PC to Laptops, then mobile and now I-pad revolutions had changed the lifestyle. Now, people are more engaged on I pad or palmtops rather than PC or even laptop. So, this blog always give you latest updates about latest technologies as well as latest trends of IT industry.

Navtej Kohli Inc. is a prominent technologies solutions provider for business and enterprises. We have enlisted our services below:

1. E-Commerce Solutions: Now-a-days people are changing their ways to shop. They want easy and flexible way outs for their shopping needs. To serve the purpose, number of online shopping websites came into market for providing the easy online trading. People not only like to buy clothes, shoes, mobile but several other things and services that are available. Each of them is just a single click away. Numerous online stores emerged in recent years in World Wide Web which made the market more challenging and competitive. But E-Commerce website provides hygienic way to connect the business and customers. Read more about it…

2. CRM / eCRM Technologies: This is an era where the product and services of any company can reach out to global customers. A handy and sophisticated way is required to manage all customers. CRM technology or Customer relationship management works as interface between company executive and customers and provides healthy and easiest way to interact either for troubleshooting, product handling or sales perspective. CRM software provides management services for complete customer relationship life-cycle as well as managing sales leads. Sales, marketing, support, inventory can be embedded into one system which is easy to handle. Read more…

3. Software Development:  Software Development is a set of programs and coding which is also defined as application programming or website development. Now-a-days engagement with the mobiles and digital tabs is increasing. Mobile programming or mobile application development plays a prominent role in software arena. Navtej Kohli Inc. core development provides Offshore Software Development and already possesses a good deal of satisfied customers across the globe.

4. Data Mining and Data Warehousing: Data mining or Data warehousing is basically a concept or set of algorithms or techniques which manipulates old non usable data or Data base system to provide a more conceptualized data either in diagram or pie chart which is mainly used for future decision making strategies.

5. SSL Services:  SSL services are also best known as ‘Secure socket layer’ is a protocol used for transmitting the encrypted financial data over the Internet. Navtej Kohli Inc provides SSL services for safe and secure online transactions.

6. Data Encryption:  Data encryption is a technique used for delivering the sensitive data via Internet. It renders the data unable to understand or readable, if hacked on the way. Only those machines which are engaged in particular transaction can understand the data and are capable to translate it and make the online transaction more secure.

7. Payment Gateway:   Payment Gateway is integration software with E-commerce website or online store which makes safe and secure money transfer between merchant and banks or other financial institutions.